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XINTEX Executive Team

Darrell Garner
President & Chief Executive Officer

Darrell Garner leads Xintex as President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Garner is responsible for overseeing the company execution, aligning with partners and meeting customer expectations.

Prior to joining Xintex, Mr. Garner spent more than 20 years in the telecommunications and software field including President/CEO of Creative Computer Solutions, an ERP software development company. Mr. Garner also held executive positions at Klien Technologies and Automation Research Systems. Mr. Garners earned a bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine and an MBA from Saint Mary's College.

Charles Campos
Vice President of Product Strategy and Development

Mr. Campos leads Xintex's future technology direction. Mr. Campos ("Chuk") is the founder of Xintex and continues to be involved with product architecture and the development of Xintex applications. Campos, a thought leader in the telecommunications industry, continues to drive product vision and direction.

Before forming Xintex, Chuk spent the previous 25 years developing innovative IT solutions for a variety of large and small communications carriers, financial institutions, and service bureaus including, MCI, NorthPoint Communications, Visa International, Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, ACS, and EDS. Mr. Campos' holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management/Communications from San Jose State University.

Ed Malboeuf
Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Services

Mr. Malboeuf is responsible for Xintex's revenue streams and all customer touch points as vice president of worldwide sales and services. His focus is setting the standard for an outstanding customer and partner experience as well as delivering the ultimate in customer satisfaction while growing revenue and profitability.

Mr. Malboeuf has over thirty years of experience in sales, marketing and consulting in the information technology industry. Prior to joining Xintex, Ed held executive positions with; Singer Corporation, The Computer Works, Phase One Systems, Group Three Electronics, Touchstone Solutions Inc., and Creative Computer Solutions. Ed has been included in numerous industry publications providing insight and commentary and he has appeared on Window on Wall Street. Mr. Malboeuf holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the College of Santa Fe.

Konstantin Gordiyenko
Director - Supply Chain Product Engineering

Mr. Gordiyenko is responsible for directing Xintex's development team for Supply Chain Products. This currently includes the Xintex CCI™ product set. Dedicated to keeping this robust product simple, useable, and leading edge, Konstantin continues to employ the most appropriate technology to insure platform independence.

Mr. Godiyenko has over twenty years of experience as a senior software developer and lead architect. Prior to Xintex, Konstantin has held senior development position at Cisco Systems, Covad Communications, Eltegra, and Banks RPB MENATEP (Moscow, Russia.) Mr. Gordiyenko has earned a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Moscow State University and has been listed in Who's Who for international contributions to JAVA and Distributed Technologies.

Eugene Zax
Director - Interconnection Product Engineering

Mr. Zax leads the development team for Xintex's trading partner interconnection products which includes Trading Partner CrossConnect™ (Xintex TPxC™ ). Xintex TPxC™, is the leading Interactive Agent standard based product supporting telecommunications carriers. Eugene assures that Xintex TPxC™ continues to have complete platform independence while providing the most function rich solution available to end users.

Mr. Zax has twenty plus years in software development. Prior to joining Xintex, Mr. Zax has held senior development positions at Proficient Networks, Spirent Communications, Transport Automatic Information - Moscow, and Russian International Money and Stock Exchange - Moscow. Mr. Zax holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Moscow Engineering Physical Institute, Department of Cybernetics. Eugene has been listed as a major contributor to JAVA development and is certified in Sun's platforms.

Oleg Moskalenko
Director - Strategic Software Development

Mr. Moskalenko is responsible for Xintex's over arching technology architecture and direction. Oleg, in concert with the other directorates, determines the most efficient and far reaching technologies for inclusion in Xintex product solutions. He is also charged with maintaining interoperability with various operating platforms and numerous Standards Committees.

Mr. Moskalenko has over fifteen years of experience as senior software architect. Prior to joining Xintex, Oleg held system architect positions with InfiniRoute, Eltegra and Banks RPB, MENATEP (Moscow, Russia.) Oleg holds an MS in Physics and Applied Math from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology - Moscow, Russia and has been published in several Russian technical journals.


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