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·         TelcoEasy Writer™

·         PreOrder Integrator™

·         CodeCatalog Integrator™

·         Trading Partner CrossConnect

Xintex Solutions

Xintex™ provides a range of solutions that will accelerate the sales cycle of any size communications service provider - from large fortune 100 carriers to 1 person sales organizations.  Are your critical business connections as effective as they can be?

Assure that you have the best chance to close a sale and then make sure that your sales flows to the right place for the fastest possible service delivery - securely and without error.

  • Want to get more customers with far less effort?
    TelcoEasyWriter product family offers a solution that will accelerate your sales potential with far less effort whether youre an inside sales representative, an independent sales agent, an expense management consultant, or anyone else providing single, double, or triple play communications solutions. <find out more>
  • Want to make sure that service is delivered right the first time and that your orders get completed in the least time possible?
    s PreOrder Integrator suite provides a complete picture of your prospects existing service with an incumbent local exchange carrier. Every ILEC preorder transaction from each ILEC is becomes available to you in one useful format. <find out more>
  • Want a straightforward way to keep track of your service code catalogs and the service codes in them?
    How about a better way to keep track of USOCs and FIDs and their relationships to your service order codes, billing codes, and provisioning codes? Ordering systems, Billing systems, and other Operational and Business Support Systems as well as your Trading partners all seem to use a different language to describe what they do. Xintex
    s CodeCatalog Integrator lets you manage the codes you have to deal with and all the catalogs you find them in one place. This will help you do a better job getting service delivered and new products to market faster. <find out more>
  • Need to connect with many trading partners securely and efficiently?
    TPxC is a production proven TCIF Interactive Agent solution that supports all major ILECs. Successfully implemented and continuously used by a variety of small, medium, and large carriers nationwide, it provides robust, flexible, and secure interconnection. It's easy to implement and supports both Issue 2 and Issue 3 of the TCIF IA standard. <find out more>

Xintex™ software is technology neutral. Written in Java, Xintex products run in any operating environment - Unix, Windows, Linux - and in any data base environment - Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, DB2. Xintex software is platform independent and database independent, too. It is light enough to run in small operating environments and very scalable running in large high volume complex operating environments equally well.

Xintex's world class engineering staff takes pride in their work - making our products highly functional, highly configurable, completely scalable, very simple to use - and - easy to connect to. Our open API's support RMI, CORBA, or XML. File interfaces are even supported too.

Create Critical Business Solutions with Xintex Solutions!



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