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·         TelcoEasy Writer™

·         PreOrder Integrator™

·         CodeCatalog Integrator™

·         Trading Partner CrossConnect

Xintex CodeCatalog Integrator™

"CodeCatalog Integrator™ is a comprehensive solution for translating
product and service codes among the many product and service catalogs
that comprise the communications supply chain."

Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Chuk\Documents\Business\Backup_Archive\Xintex Domain\www\WEBDEV\Mockup\images\product1.gifCodeCatalog Integrator facilitates smooth automation of the telecommunications supply chain enabling automated ordering, provisioning, and service activation by translating product offerings into the terms appropriate for each supply chain component.

Xintex CodeCatalog Integrator relates all product and service offerings across the supply chain from both a business and technical perspective - clearly a benefit to any Communications Service Provider.

A carrier's Product Management, Marketing, and Sales organizations are continually responding to the marketplace (and need to be). The "what is" + "what is wanted" needs to be put into the context of how it's being made available (if it is available) from a pure business perspective and related to the order taking system in an automated fashion. These options and interrelationships need to be easy for business people to establish and maintain. And, to provide effective automation, they must leverage existing front office and back office systems rather than create another link in the supply chain to integrate with.

The use cases are many - from the simple to the complex - from the ability to provide a meaningful description for an otherwise non-intuitive Universal Service Order Code (USOC) - to the ability to translate these same USOCs with their associated field identifiers (FIDs) to switch activation codes, wholesale ordering codes, and billing codes - to the ability to create both simple and complex product offerings or promotions quickly and responsively - to the ability to define the necessary coding structures to assure rapid service delivery across the supply chain - to the ability to facilitate Revenue Assurance.

"Xintex CCI™ places control of a streamlined Service Delivery supply chain into the hands of business people so that they can act quickly, nimbly, and flexibly in the increasingly complex and competitive market with new products and services in any given geographic area with the ability to respond quickly to competitive forces in the marketplace."

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Active Bonding™ in the Context-Based Supply Chain
To assure maximum success through effective automation, the integration between the operational support systems must "speak the same language". This goes beyond data mapping provided by out-of-the-box solutions. Context is established so that (depending on the product or service and where and how it gets provisioned and billed) translation is done correctly each time without human intervention.

Each system and each operational context not only has its own business rules and data structures that must be mapped - they also have their own language or way of describing the products and services involved. To achieve zero-touch flow-through, Active Bonding™ must be accomplished. Active Bonding™ adds the context - it adds the language or code translation necessary to achieve zero-touch flow-through that simplifies and streamlines the service delivery supply chain. Active Bonding™ also provides the ability to view any product catalog anywhere in the supply chain through the appropriate context. Xintex CCI™ delivers Active Bonding™ by establishing rule sets that describe the simple or complex code relationships among code catalogs. These rules can be modified and applied dynamically in a non-intrusive manner.

Both facilities-based and resale carriers use multiple processes and product catalogs supported by disparate internal (and often external) organizations that must be continually synchronized to assure success. Whether a carrier is the incumbent provider for a customer or an acquiring provider and whether the service location is a new one or an old one, through Active Bonding™ complete and correct order information can flow through the Service Delivery Supply Chain without human intervention nearly 100% of the time.

Major Benefits

Automates Passive or Active Catalog Management Across the Supply Chain
Marketing promotions, term commitments, volume commitments, as well as other pricing packages can be defined by Marketing and Product Management. Network Engineering can define the network elements necessary to provide services. The relationships among the code catalogs can be defined so that orders are made to the right supplier and the customer is billed. Xintex CCI™ may be the central catalog facility updating other catalogs or be updated from the other catalogs in the OSS - or a combination of both.

Automates Pre-Order Service Code Definition and Translation
Detailed service definitions (USOCs and FIDs) are translated to a carrier's Ordering and Billing codes. This can be accomplished directly from the Customer Service Record or via manual input when a customer is being acquired from an incumbent carrier.

Automates UNE-P and 3rd Party Ordering
Xintex CCI™ translates an incumbent's retail USOCs to wholesale USOCs when UNE-P service order requests are being processed. Xintex CCI™ also facilitates flow-through to 3rd party wholesale service providers a carrier may use (e.g. voicemail services, directory services).

Automates Service Activation
Xintex CCI™ translates USOCs to Service Activation codes when a Service Provider offers facility-based services.

Automates Billing Verification & Revenue Assurance
Xintex CCI™ may be used for billing verification and as a Revenue Assurance audit tool to assure that customer billing is correct. Similarly, Xintex CCI™ may be used to audit 3rd party telecommunications bills against their own inventory records.

Depend upon Xintex CCI™ for the seamless management of the codes and code catalogs across your supply chain…

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