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·         TelcoEasy Writer™

·         PreOrder Integrator™

·         CodeCatalog Integrator™

·         Trading Partner CrossConnect

Xintex TelcoEasy Writer ™

Simplifying Today's Complex Telecommunications Needs

The XINTEX TelcoEasy Writer™ product family is a set of industry-leading productivity tools and services designed to compress the time and expertise required to address the rapidly evolving telecommunication opportunities afforded the small, mid-tier and large enterprises right at the beginning of the supply chain.

An on-demand, highly scalable set of products and services, the XINTEX TelcoEasyWriter™ product family is a trusted supply chain solution. TelcoEasyWriter™ works with all:

  • Carriers, LECs, VoIP and other ESN's;
  • Telco Expense Management Consultants; and
  • Agents, ICP's, Resellers and other 3 rd party solution providers.

TelcoEasyWriter is deployed on a per use basis or via an unlimited use license through a XINTEX Service Bureau. TelcoEasyWriter™ can also be deployed on-site through a software utilization license that includes maintenance and technical support.

Compatible with all server platforms and SQL databases, the XINTEX TelcoEasyWriter™ product family is:

  • Optimized for all ILECs
  • Scalable from single agent operations to the largest on-site Carrier, ICP, or TEM operations
  • Implemented quickly Service Bureau usage based solutions are on-demand and on-site solutions can be turned up in matter of days with minimal impact to operating infrastructures
  • Extremely cost effective: by eliminating costly upfront investment in equipment, software, installation and maintenance, TelcoEasyWriter delivers the value of compressing proposal preparation timeframes from days to minutes and significantly reduces the expertise required to develop a proposal as it prepares OSS ready orders.

XINTEX TelcoEasyWriter™ Product Family

XINTEX TelcoEasyWriter™ Products are comprehensive, secure and scalable supporting all types of Carriers, LECs, VoIP and other ESNs,Telco Expense Management Consultants, individual Sales Agents, ICP's, Resellers and other 3rd party solutions providers. Benefits of the TelcoEasyWriter™ services include:

  • Secure, accurate and useable information derived from the Customer Service Record (CSR)
  • Rapid, risk-free implementation in a minimal timeframe
  • Rapid deployment to agents, partners, and provisioning staff
  • Scalability and expandability
  • ROI that routinely occurs within the first 4 months of use 


TelcoEasyWriter 1ClickConnect™ provides the most useful automation possible at the very start of the Telco Supply chain the sales cycle. With its powerful web based Guided Sell technology coupled with XINTEX's powerful and unique CSR processing capabilities, 1ClickConnect™ enables a variety of benefits.

  • Sales Executives can complete a proposal with multiple alternatives in minutes instead of hours or days
  • The CSR is accessed in real time and parsed into detailed components providing USOCs and FIDs with basic usage and non-recurring costs while identifying issues that delay orders (e.g. hunting, DSL, CENTREX etc.)
  • A complete error free order is printed or interfaced into the existing order management system 

1ClickConnect™ Plus

TelcoEasyWriter™ 1ClickConnect™ Plus includes all of the components of 1ClickConnect™ and enhanced for Integrated Communication Providers, Master Agents and Independent Agents working with many carriers.

  • Generates proposals that compare solutions from different carries or providers this can include pricing to the end users, pricing to the agent, special programs, unique spiffs
  • A single proposal can generate several orders to separate carriers/providers thereby creating a best of breed solution
  • Sales close ratios improve by providing unique blended solutions reducing churn by building a one-stop-shop capability that enhances customer loyalty 

CSR Integrator™

TelcoEasyWriter™ CSR Integrator™ provides Telecommunication Expense Management Consultants (TEM) and a carrier's service delivery/order management/customer service organization with one highly organized easy to read, easy to process customer service record format.

  • TEM Consultants can instantaneously request, retrieve and load CSRs into evaluation software
  • CSR information can be easily compared to the telecommunication contract and monitor billing
  • A Carrier can quickly identify bottlenecks or potential delays impacting service orders (e.g. hunting, DSL, etc.)
  • The CSR is made available as an order template without performing Order Entry

CSR Integrator™ Plus 

TelcoEasyWriter™ CSR Integrator™ Plus extends the capabilities of CSR Integrator™ by standardizing all of the features and services (USOCs and FIDs).

  • ILEC service codes are translated into your service codes based on your service catalog and bundled solutions
  • Orders can flow from proposal to your order management system without intervention from the sales agent or sales executive in depth knowledge of the ILEC's USOCs is no longer needed by your sales staff
  • Provides TEM Consultants and Carriers with a powerful tool to get their jobs done quickly, efficiently, and at the lowest cost possible.

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