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·         TelcoEasy Writer™

·         PreOrder Integrator™

·         CodeCatalog Integrator™

·         Trading Partner CrossConnect

Xintex CSR Integrator™

The Holy Grail of OSS order processing is touch-free flow-through. XINTEX TelcoEasyWriter harness's the power of the elusive CSR (Customer Service Record) to enable touch-free flow-through. Over 85% of a carrier's new business involves a migration of service from another carrier. Having a thorough understanding of the existing service and its nuances is essential to get the order right the first time. It is also essential for expense management consultants to provide the best advice possible. Only a CSR expert or an expert system can effectively interpret a CSR. TelcoEasyWriter CSR Integrator™ and CSR Integrator™ Plus is that expert systema powerful easy-to-use solution that enables a variety of benefits:

  • CSR Expert In A Can - you can spend 35 years learning to read CSRs, USOCs and FIDs or you can leverage experts who have and have a system do it;
  • Deployed by a VoIP provider or LEC or ESN as an in-house operations tool, as a tool for Master Agents or Independent Agents;
  • Tremendous time saving tool for TEM consultants;
  • On Demand and Highly scalable;
  • Quick implementation - Service Bureau usage model or on-site installation;
  • Cost effective - eliminates upfront investment in equipment, software, installation and maintenance; and
  • ROI that routinely occurs within the first 4 months of use

The solution is a single CSR interface that:

  • Talks to all of the ILECs;
  • Parses or maps the CSR data into a common OBF compliant format;
  • Returns a completed order template; and
  • Writes to a common API and leverages your OSS.

“… by far the most useful preorder transaction provides the customer service record. CSR information defines the exact set up that is the starting point of an order.

CSR Integrator™

TelcoEasyWriter™ CSR Integrator™ provides Telecommunication Expense Management Consultants (TEM) and a carrier's service delivery/order management/customer service organization with one highly organized, easy to read and easy to process customer service record format. Every transaction starts with the existing service even if it is simply to disconnect and be replaced by a VoIP solution. Knowing what your customer actually has installed, knowing what challenges may exist, and having that information in an easy to read format is what CSR Integrator TM is all about.

  • TEM Consultants can instantaneously request, retrieve and load CSRs into its existing evaluation software;
  • CSR information can be easily compared to the telecommunications contract and aid in monitoring billing;
  • A carrier (ILEC, VoIP) or Agent can quickly identify bottlenecks or potential delays prior to submitting an order (e.g. hunting, DSL, Centrex, etc.); and
  • The CSR is available as an order template without performing Order Entry providing touch-free flow-through directly into a carrier's OSS API.

CSR Integrator™ Plus

TelcoEasyWriter™ CSR Integrator™ Plus includes all of the components of CSR Integrator™ along with a powerful translation engine. The Xintex translation engine supports all ILEC USOC and FIDs and is simply configured to run against any carrier's, ICP, agent, or TEM product catalog. CSR Integrator™ Plus becomes your expert system enabling:

  • A far more effective use of your in-house CSR Expert's experience while reducing your reliance on one or two key people;
  • Enhanced capabilities for your sales staff by placing an expert system at their fingertips - at the start of the cycle so that orders can be generated easily and correctly the first time;
  • Order flow-through from proposal into your order management system without order entry being necessary - in fact, many orders can flow straight to provisioning; 
  • TEM Consultants, Carriers and Agents have a powerful tool to get their jobs done quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost;
  • Rapid implementation through service bureau or on-site deployment; and
  • ROI / payback generally occurs within four months.

Get a printable pdf of Xintex's CSR Integrator™


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