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·         TelcoEasy Writer™

·         PreOrder Integrator™

·         CodeCatalog Integrator™

·         Trading Partner CrossConnect

Xintex PreOrder Integrator™

Enabling Touch Free Flow-Through

The XINTEX PreOrder Integrator™ product family leverages the largely untapped value of preorder transactions. Over 85% of a carrier's new business involves a migration of services from an incumbent carrier to another. When a customer chooses to switch from their existing carrier they are not usually changing the service they need very much if at alljust who provides it and sometimes the technology by which it is provided. Enterprises don't care whether their telecommunications needs are met by VoIP or ATM or IMS or whatever the latest technology jargon isonly that they get the best possible service with the necessary quality at the best price to meet their needs. XINTEX PreOrder Integrator provides any carrier (traditional or ESN) with essential preorder gateway function that enables them to define the exact set up that can be the starting point of an order.

Description: Description: C:\Users\Chuk\Documents\Business\Backup_Archive\Xintex Domain\www\WEBDEV\Mockup\images\product2.gifPreOrder Integrator is deployed on a per use basis or via an unlimited use license through a XINTEX Service Bureau. PreOrder Integrator TM can also be deployed on-site through a software utilization license that includes maintenance and technical support.

Compatible with all server platforms and SQL databases, the XINTEX PreOrder Integrator™ product family is:

  • Optimized for all ILECs
  • Scalable from smaller carrier operations to the largest carrier operations
  • Implemented quickly Service Bureau usage based solutions are on-demand and on-site solutions can be turned up in matter of hours with minimal impact to operating infrastructures
  • Cost effective: by eliminating costly upfront investment in equipment, software, installation and maintenance, PreOrder Integrator delivers the value of key preorder information at the start of the service order life cycle significantly improving the quality of orders while minimizing fallout.

XINTEX PreOrder Integrator

XINTEX PreOrder Integrator™ is comprehensive, secure and scalable supporting all types of Carriers; LECs, Resellers, VoIP providers and other ESNs. Benefits of the PreOrder Integrator TM solution include:

  • Secure, accurate and useable information derived from the ILEC preorder transaction set
  • Rapid, risk-free implementation in a minimal timeframe
  • Rapid deployment of provisioning staff
  • Scalability and expandability
  • ROI that routinely occurs within the first 6 months of use 

XINTEX PreOrder Integrator provides a complete set of the latest LSOG defined PreOrder transaction function for the following carriers:

  • AT&T
  • BellSouth
  • Qwest
  • Verizon East
  • Verizon West

Preorder information provides key input to enable the fastest and most correct orders to be submitted for provisioning. Request, response, validation, inquiry, reservation, availability, qualification, maintenance, scheduling, assignment, parsed, unparsedwhatever the ILEC calls it, if it's preorder then XINTEX PreOrder Integrator supports it. Each ILEC has there own brand/twist on the LSOG standard and they are all supported by Xintex for processing:

  • Customer Service Records
  • Address Validation
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Service
  • Appointments
  • Loops
  • Listing
  • Collocation
  • CFA
  • CLLI
  • NC-NCI
  • Fiber

Each of these transactions are supported by variations in function that are supported fully by XINTEX PreOrder Integrator. Despite all of the variability across all of the ILECs, XINTEX PI provides a common XML based API to communicate in both directions with your OSS through. Also provided is an easy-to-use GUI that allows for processing of individual transactions.

Get XINTEX PreOrder Integrator and have the preorder information needed to identify potential problems early on and to have the preorder information essential to getting your orders right the first time.

Get a Printable PDF of Xintex PreOrder Integrator™


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